Name of the medicinal product: OPTIVISC SINGLE

Content: Each ml contains 30 mg hyaluronic acid.

Pharmaceutical form: Sterile Hyaluronic Acid viscoelastic solution for intra-articular injection.

Pharmacotherapeutic group: Medical Device

Packaging description: One prefilled syringe (3ml)

OPTIVISC SINGLE is a sterile, transparent, homogeneous viscoelastic gel of cross linked Hyaluronic Acid.
OPTIVISC SINGLE contains 30 mg/ml of cross linked hyaluronic acid in buffered phosphate saline solution.
OPTIVISC SINGLE is formulated with injectable grade hyaluronic acid of biofermentation origin.
OPTIVISC SINGLE is a hyaluronic acid viscosupplement for treating mild to moderate osteoarthritis by providing joint lubrication.
OPTIVISC SINGLE is indicated to relief pain and stiffness of the knee joint in patients with mild to moderate osteoarthritis. OPTIVISC SINGLE is intended for single injection treatment use, i.e. to be administered once each six months.
OPTIVISC SINGLE can relieve pain and improve mobility for up to 6 months, provided that the patient is suffering from mild to moderate osteoarthritis of the knee joint.

OPTIVISC SINGLE should not be injected if the patient is known to be sensitive (allergy) to hyaluronic acid. Do not inject OPTIVISC SINGLE in the knee joint of patients having a skin disease or infection in the area or near the injection site.
Do not inject OPTIVISC SINGLE if the knee is infected or inflamed.

OPTIVISC SINGLE is supplied in 2mL/3mL, single use glass syringe with a Luer-lock fitting, packed in a blister pack. The contents of the syringe, stabilized non-animal hyaluronic acid gel, are sterile. It is recommended to use a needle (18G-25G) with adequate length to inject the gel into the joint knee.