MEDIAPHARM LTD is a private company founded in 1991 by Mr. George Palaiokostas and began with the importation of medicinal products from Italy, representing Boniscontro e Gazzone Srl, Laboratorio Chimico Garant and Francia Farmaceutici in Greece.



Always aiming at development of new products and establishment in the pharmaceutical industry, the company has enriched its list with medicinal products manufactured in Greece.

Cooperating companies for product manufacturing are VIANEX SA, HELP SA, RAFARM SA, PHARMATEN SA και GENEPHARM SA.


The human factor is the key for the success of MEDIAPHARM LTD. Its personnel is working with a vision for the present and the future and is composed of qualified scientists in the pharmaceutical sector and partners - representatives all over Greece. The company employs more than 35 people, providing excellent working conditions, medical care, continuous training and opportunities for professional career.


In MEDIAPHARM we are working oriented to quality and safety in the field of pharmaceuticals owning a modern portfolio of products. The partners of MEDIAPHARM are selected based on their values and their vision. With special human resources for all its activities, MEDIAPHARM maintains and strengthens its leading position among the established pharmaceutical companies in Greece.


Commitments of MEDIAPHARM are the good health, the prevention, the treatment and cure of diseases, the quality of life and the drug safety. Our vision is the continuous development and establishment of MEDIAPHARM as one of the best and most dynamic Greek companies in the field of pharmaceuticals. Our mission is to provide services to the pharmaceuticals market, and by extension to the patient who is the direct beneficiary of, operating modernly, reliably and qualitatively.