Name of the medicinal product: FER DE FAR

Content: Each sachet of effervescent granules contains 695 mg gluconic iron (equivalent to 80 mg Fe ++)

Pharmaceutical form: Effervescent granules

Pharmacotherapeutic group: Preparations for the treatment of anemia, iron preparations

Packaging Description: Cardboard box containing 10 sachets of paper / polyethylene / aluminum / polyethylene foil

The effervescent granules FER DE FAR belong to the group of drugs called iron supplements. These drugs work by replacing the iron in the body.
Iron is a mineral that the body needs to produce red blood cells. When the body has not enough iron, can not produce the required number of red blood cells to remain in good condition (healthy). This situation is called iron-deficiency anemia. The effervescent granules FER DE FAR are used for the treatment of iron-deficiency anemia.

Treatment and prevention of anemia caused by iron deficiency.

  • Hypersensitivity to the active substance or to any of the excipients
  • Anemia not caused by iron deficiency, eg other small cell anemia
  • Proven iron overload or disturbances in utilization of iron (hemochromatosis and similar conditions)
  • Severe inflammatory liver diseases (chronic pancreatitis, liver cirrhosis)
  • Active peptic ulcer, repeated blood transfusions, regional enteritis and ulcerative colitis
Adults and elderly:
Unless otherwise recommended by prescription: 1-3 sachets (effervescent granules) / day dissolved in water ½ hour before meals, according to the severity of anemia (as assessed by blood tests carried out before and 2 or 3 times per week after the beginning of treatment). The cycle of treatment corresponds to 80-240 mg of elemental iron per day.
A sachet / day is indicated for the prophylaxis from iron deficiency.

Prophylaxis and mild nutritional iron deficiency can be treated with moderate doses.
During pregnancy (the second and third trimester), a low-dose regimen (80 mg elemental iron, which equals to one sachet per day) is recommended. The iron needs, during the second half of pregnancy, is about 6 mg / day.

Paediatric population
Recommended daily dose: Treatment: 3-6 mg elemental Fe / kg / day
Maximum daily dose: 200 mg.
FER DE FAR may not be used for the prevention of anemia in children, due to the very high elemental iron content in this product.
FER DE FAR should not be used in children weighing less than 26 kg.